Sunday, 09 December, 2018

Garbage Person Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Break Salma Hayek's Kneecaps

Salma Hayek Salma Hayek
Stacy Diaz | 09 February, 2018, 02:00

Salma Hayek revealed the story behind her New York Times op-ed "Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too" during a live taping of Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations on Wednesday.

Over the course of the post-Weinstein reckoning and the #MeToo movement, it's become unfortunately clear that the more gruesome and explicit the details of the assault, the more the victims are believed; take the rare hard evidence of audio of Weinstein doing his best to convince an Italian model to come into his hotel room, or the fact it took the revelation that the director James Toback, whom hundreds of women have accused of sexual misconduct, threatened to gouge Selma Blair's eyes out if she spoke about their encounter that pushed her story into the headlines, months after she first spoke out.

However, the Wild Wild West star said that for years she felt too ashamed to come forward and talk about Weinstein's sexual harassment, and was anxious about going public because she didn't want her 10-year-old daughter Valentina to know. "But I felt like my pain was so small compared to all the other stories".

She explained that she couldn't handle it when The New York Times first approached her about sharing her story. "I started crying because [I had PTSD]".

"Then I felt ashamed", she continued.

"I was on set with Reese Witherspoon, who has since spoken out. and some other actresses, who haven't spoken out, so I won't say who they were, and this was like two days after the Harvey scandal had broken in The New York Times", Winfrey said.

When the headline-making investigation came out, Hayek remembers feeling a similar emotion, which ultimately convinced her to speak up about the abuse and harassment she says she endured while working with the former Hollywood producer.

"Throughout the years, I [earned his respect]", Hayek said on Wednesday.

"Harvey, he had a lot of respect for me". "[Weinstein] was not the first guy to do this to me", she said.

"He never raped me [but the harassment] was not one or two occasions". I went, 'Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

Hayek noted that she also hesitated because she hadn't told her husband what happened between her and Weinstein and she "thought of all these different things including my child, I didn't want to talk about it".

Hayek, 51, claimed Weinstein sexually harassed her and even threatened to kill her when she spurned his advances while the pair worked together on her film Frida.

She added: 'It's important to take responsibility for the things we do to others, but we must stop apologizing for being attacked and we must move into a place where you can actually have a conversation. I thought of my daughter.

Weinstein has denied all accusations of non-consensual sex but has not yet responded to a request for comment on Hayek's latest claims.

Harvey Weinstein and Salma Hayek attend a Miramax event on March 22, 2003. Her full interview will air on OWN on February 27, and will be available via podcast.