Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Family Suing Starbucks for Serving Drinks with Human Blood

Family Suing Starbucks for Serving Drinks with Human Blood Family Suing Starbucks for Serving Drinks with Human Blood
Nellie Chapman | 09 February, 2018, 10:14

After returning home, the family noticed a red smear on the side of one of the cups and they described a strong smell coming out of the drink as "metallic", in accordance with the nineteen pages long lawsuit which was provided by a Los Angeles-based firm, Frish Law Group, which represented the family.

Starbucks is being accused of causing "stress, nervousness [and] fright" to a California family who allegedly found a Barista's blood in a drink consumed by a 2-year-old girl, the family's attorney said.

'She was licking the whipped cream where it had been sitting on top, ' Mrs Vice told CBS LA.

When they expressed concern over drinking beverages that may have been contaminated by someone's blood, the store manager offered them a week's worth of free drinks, but that wasn't enough. According to the lawsuit, the store did not require the testing. The family then noticed blood stains on the outside and inside of couple of cups and knew it was blood.

'We felt sick to our stomachs, we shouldn't have to worry about going to get something to drink and there being blood in our drink where we could get sick, ' Mrs Vice said. The coffee company, however, said they will present its case in court.

Starbucks discovered that one of their employees had been bleeding and management removed that employee from duty, according to the family's attorney.

The complaint charges Starbucks with negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and assault, among a laundry list of other complaints.

"My wife and my baby just drank someone's blood", Louis Vice, Amanda's husband, told KTLA. The manager reportedly agreed but told the family that the employee could not be "forced" to undergo blood testing.

Ultimately, the tests came back clean, according to the law firm.

Starbucks later bumped their offer up to $1,000 for each family member that had taken sips from the blood tainted drinks, but the Vice family has chosen against accepting the offer.

As for the California case, Borges, the Starbucks spokesman, did not acknowledge whether the family's claims were true but said, "We take a great deal of pride in our customers' having a great experience". Starbucks's only statement so far is that it's prepared to fight the family's claims in court.

"In this instance, we've been working with the family directly since nearly immediately after they informed us of their experience", he said.