Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

The Surge 2 announced for consoles and PC

The Surge 2 announced for consoles and PC The Surge 2 announced for consoles and PC
Sherri Watson | 08 February, 2018, 08:54

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have just announced the renewal of their partnership with the development of The Surge 2.

More information will be released during Focus Home Interactive's press event in France, being held today and tomorrow.

Developer Deck13 has announced on Twitter that a sequel to the Dark Souls inspired The Surge will be released in 2019. So, we assume that among the "consoles" indicated there are again PS4 and Xbox One, but you cannot exclude a possible edition for Switch, the hybrid console of Nintendo.

Although our reviewer found The Surge to have some flaws in its execution, personally, the idea behind the game seemed to take a different approach to a familiar action-RPG gameplay formula and try new things out.

The Surge 2 builds on the game's core mechanics of challenging combat, and the limb-targeting system.

The developer also noted that the combat is more brutal than ever, with even more options in the limb-targeting system. As is the case with most sequels, Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive promised more of what they delivered with the original.

As well as new weapons to help players battle their way through the unfamiliar environments, we can also expect more abilities, implants, and drones, along with deeper character progression. Moreover, it will feature new enemies and bosses. Certainly it was interesting enough to appear on the cover of our print edition early previous year, even if it didn't quite fulfil all of its promise upon release.