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Kim Jong Un's sister set to make appearance at Pyeongchang Olympics

Kim Jong Un's sister set to make appearance at Pyeongchang Olympics Kim Jong Un's sister set to make appearance at Pyeongchang Olympics
Stacy Diaz | 08 February, 2018, 10:31

The intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-15, is believed to be capable of reaching the continental United States, but the North is not yet believed to have the capability to mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile. As his guest at the opening ceremony, he is taking the father of Otto Warmbier, an American student who died previous year after being imprisoned in North Korea for 17 months. North Korea is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Korean People's Army (KPA). This will be the first time a member of the ruling family will be set foot in the South.

She will be the first member of the Kim family to cross the border into the South. Kim Yo Jong is a propaganda official and was blacklisted a year ago by the U.S. Treasury Department over alleged human rights abuses and censorship.

"Kim Yo-jong is Kim Jong-un's only sibling who is part of the North Korean leadership", the South Korean newswire Yonhap notes.

"I have not requested a meeting, but we'll see what happens", Pence said on Monday in Alaska on a stopover on his way to South Korea and Japan.

"Together with Japan and our allies let the world know this: we will continue to intensify our maximum pressure campaign until North Korea takes concrete steps toward complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization", Pence in Tokyo said.

The two Koreas held a rare high-level meeting last month and the North's ceremonial head of state is due to arrive Friday, the highest-level Pyongyang official ever to visit the South. Organisers have had to call in military personnel to replace them.

In allowing the ferry, Seoul treated it as an exception to the sanctions imposed on North Korea.

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Kim Jong Un's sister set to make appearance at Pyeongchang Olympics

While South Korea says the move was inevitable to ensure the successful hosting of the Pyeongchang Games, some critics say Seoul is sending the wrong message to North Korea and also the global community, which has been stepping up financial and maritime sanctions against the North in recent months.

But bypassing political bumpiness entirely is a challenge when the other main point of the Olympics - national pride, as seen through the prism of sports - can come with some serious geopolitical baggage.

The UN Security Council imposed a travel ban and asset freeze on Choe on June 2 past year when he was vice director of the Workers' Party of Korea Propaganda and Agitation Department, which controls ideological messaging through the media, arts and culture.

Analysts suspect Kim Jong Un revived the February celebration in 2015 in an attempt to "put his own stamp on things".

But here it gets really bad: On Wednesday, it was announced that brutal dictator Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jung, and Choe Hwi, another apparatchik of Kim's regime, will also attend the Olympics.

Last year's extended period of nuclear weapons testing by the Kim Jong Un regime provoked condemnation by Seoul and its allies including the United States and Australia.

This was noteworthy as there hasn't been much co-operation between the countries under the past two governments in South Korea. About 30 members of the delegation, led by Pyongyang's vice sports minister and former weightlifter Won Kil-u, attended the event.

After an initial 32 cases were reported on Tuesday, 54 new cases have been confirmed as of late Wednesday, with police officers, security personnel and food preparation staff among those affected, KCDC Director Kim Hyun-jun told reporters.