Saturday, 17 February, 2018

Here's how to create your custom themed movies on Google Photos

Google is celebrating Valentine's Day with create-your-own movies in Google Photos Feel the love this Valentine's Day with Google Photos - The Keyword
Sherri Watson | 08 February, 2018, 14:14

Creating one themed movie on Google Photos is fairly simple. "And in honor of Cupid, we even have a Valentine's Day-themed movie for you and your sweetheart", said Winn. "A themed movie brings together photos about a loved one or an important event, and expertly edits them together and sets them to music", Google product manager Julia Winn wrote in a blog post.

In time for Valentine's Day this year, technology giant Google has launched a new feature on Google Photos to help make the day more special for your loved ones. Other themed movie options include things like "Father's Day Movie", "In Loving Memory", "Selfie Movie", "Smiles of 2017", "Doggie Movie", "Meow Movie", "Mother's Day Movie", and more.

Google Photos uses Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to select the best moments based on users' choices, adds a fitting soundtrack and produces a custom movie for them.

"Beginning today, you can turn your photos into themed movies via the app or the web".

The feature is also available for desktop users. After you've chosen your theme and the people (or pets) who will star in the movie, you're ready to go. While you may not have a ton of input for the initial movie creation, if you are not perfectly satisfied with the result, you can always edit it in the app.

If you're in the USA or Canada and looking for a thoughtful way to show someone you care, you can also create a photo book in just minutes from your computer or phone.

The same type of functionality appears to be getting a test in Google Photos as sources have reported getting notifications that an item in Google Photos has been shared with them from another user.