Sunday, 09 December, 2018

Google adds new ways to collaborate on Office files using G Suite

Google adds new ways to collaborate on Office files using G Suite Google adds new ways to collaborate on Office files using G Suite
Sherri Watson | 08 February, 2018, 04:51

"With commenting in Drive Preview feature, we can now extend the same collaboration, review and validation processes to Microsoft Office Applications, images and PDFs". This is great because it's fewer tabs and fewer apps, both of which are wthings I'd prefer. Previously, users have been able to comment on native Google documents via Google Drive's preview pane, without needing to open the document itself. With this new feature, you no longer need other tools to interact with this type of content and this makes using Google Drive in corporate environments, a little bit easier. Today, Google revealed it was turbo-charging Google Drive to include a bunch of new features created to appease Microsoft Office users across the spectrum. In Google's ideal world, everybody would just use G Suite, of course. Google says this emphasizes their focus on offering "interoperability between G Suite and Microsoft Office products". This means that existing comments available in those file formats will be imported and displayed in Drive Preview.

"When you're collaborating with an external agency, negotiating a contract with a client or coordinating a sales agreement with a supplier, chances are you're dealing with multiple file formats", Google wrote in a blog post.

Google is expanding the way people can comment on Google Drive files. Additionally, comments made in Drive Preview will be exported to the underlying file so that when you open up the file using the local client application, you will be able to see the comments made in Drive Preview.

G Suite also allows for Office files to be edited via Drive using the Office Compatibility Mode. It also eliminates the need to convert files to Google Docs, Slides or Sheets-compatible files before working on them.

The search giant is trying mightily to make inroads as a cloud computing provider versus much bigger rivals such as Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft Corp. The comments come through even as files bounce back and forth between Microsoft and Google users.