Monday, 10 December, 2018

Former STALKER Devs Unveil New Game Fear the Wolves

Former STALKER Devs Unveil New Game Fear the Wolves Former STALKER Devs Unveil New Game Fear the Wolves
Sherri Watson | 08 February, 2018, 05:20

The team behind the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series will be the latest name to enter the growing Battle Royale trend with the first-person, post-apocalyptic themed Fear the Wolves.

According to the press release, the game will receive its full unveiling between today or tomorrow on February 8th as part of Focus Home Interactive's press event in Paris, France. The post-apocalyptic genre has always been what this developer does best and we hope that this game will bring back some of the STALKER goodness. The game will pit 100 individual players in a last man standing battle royale which will take place in the desolate environments of radiation-ravaged Chernobyl. But as well as everyone else on the map, players must consider other threats such as deadly anomalies and the dynamically-changing weather. There will be a second game mode that promises a new twist to the genre. Developers at Vostok Games will be available there for interviews and presentations to share more information about their upcoming hardcore Battle Royale shooter. Fear the Wolves features a day-night cycle, and if you find the proper protective gear, you can freely explore zones that have been marked as off-limits.

While the game is supposed to release on PC and home consoles in 2018, it will first enter into Early Access on Steam for PC first and foremost. Vostok is also now working on a free-to-play online FPS called Survarium, which is now getting somewhat savaged in Early Access. That is if you can survive long enough from the mutated creatures in the shadows.