Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star In The Western Series 'Outrider' For Amazon

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Stacy Diaz | 08 February, 2018, 05:05

Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in a Western series for Amazon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, having grown tired from trying to prevent judgment day over the years, will now be heading to the wild west for a new television series called Outrider that is currently in development by Amazon. Schwarzenegger in a dark, gritty TV Western is an appealing concept, and this news certainly has my interest. Schwarzenegger would play a ruthless US marshal who accompanies the deputy on his mission, ostensibly to make sure justice is served. Joining him is Mace Neufeld, who also serves as executive producer for the Amazon show, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, and Trey Callaway (APB, The Messengers, CSI: NY) and Mark Montgomery.

The series is called Outrider, and it will follow a deputy in Oklahoma's Indian Territory circa 1800s who, under orders from a brutal judge, must catch a legendary outlaw in the wilderness. According to Deadline, it won't be a traditional Western by any stretch as the line between good and evil will often be ambiguous throughout the series.

In the story, the Marshal immigrated to the United States as a child. Prior to this was his involvement with The Celebrity Apprentice, where he replaced Donald Trump for a single season.