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Store-bought lettuce had a 3-inch lizard in it, Maine woman says

Store-bought lettuce had a 3-inch lizard in it, Maine woman says Store-bought lettuce had a 3-inch lizard in it, Maine woman says
Melissa Porter | 07 February, 2018, 13:10

A ME woman claims she found a dead lizard in her salad made with romaine lettuce she bought at a Shaw's supermarket. Ms Carr told WCVB ABC 5 she's not sure if she ate the tail but nonetheless, she began to vomit.

The nurse from Kittery had bought the store-brand romaine lettuce on January 26 at a Shaw's supermarket in Portsmouth, N.H. It was distributed by a California company.

A representative from the NHDHHS forwarded Carr's complaint to the FDA as the lettuce was packaged and shipped out of state in California. 'We need to be really diligent about washing your produce no matter where you get it from'.

It was no avocado, she said.

The reptile was dead and was missing its tail.

The lizard was later identified by Carr's biologist friend as a blue-belly lizard, native to California and other western states.

A dead lizard allegedly found by Kittery woman Michelle Carr in her salad lettuce.

Carr has contacted the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration and Shaw's and is waiting for a reply.

A Shaw's spokeswoman said the company "takes all issues regarding the quality and safety of any product sold in our stores very seriously", and confirmed that they were notified about Carr's complaint and informed the supplier.

But according to, a representative for the federal agency said it had also received the complaint, and an investigation is now underway.

She hopes that others will learn from what happened to her and that consumers should watch what they buy and know where they come from.

Apart from the disgust, the mum said she now fears for her health. "This was a huge lizard with scales", said Carr, a registered hematology oncology bone marrow transplant nurse.

Carr said she isn't feeling ill, and she's grateful that both she and her son are not sick.

In conclusion, if you're going to make the tough decision to eat salad for some reason, just play with your salad for a bit with your fork before going at it.