Friday, 17 August, 2018

Step Down To Allow For 'Generational Shift,' Babangida Tells Buhari

Step Down To Allow For 'Generational Shift,' Babangida Tells Buhari Step Down To Allow For 'Generational Shift,' Babangida Tells Buhari
Melissa Porter | 07 February, 2018, 06:25

As Nigerians continue to make sense of the controversial public statement by former President Olusegun Obasanjo warning against a second term bid by President Muhammadu Buhari, new details of their official relationship in the late 70s when Obasanjo was Military Head of State and Buhari was one of the cabinet members are now emerging.

According to The Nation, the IGP has ordered his arrest for issuing a fake statement.

Multiple sources confirmed the arrest order on Sunday.

But Afegbua insisted on the one he issued as the authentic.

A statement by the former military President, described the statement as "the personal views of the writer".

Let me categorically state that as a former President and statesman, I have unfettered access and channel of communication with the highest authorities in the country without necessarily going public with a sensational statement.

"I am a realist that believes in all issues in a democratic atmosphere are sincerely discussed and resolved in the spirit of give and take".

"You know, IBB is for everyone, so people want to love him more than he loves himself, people want to appreciate him more than he appreciates himself, people want to play the role of IBB".

The statement reads: "We were here during the previous administration, and we saw what our country went through".

There was a controversy when another statement was released from IBB's camp.

Babangida said: "Having been privileged to preside over this great country, interacted with all categories of persons, dissected all shades of opinions, understudied different ethnic groupings; I can rightfully conclude that our strength lies in our diversity".

"So, the statement stands and I have since communicated to all the media houses that they should respect that statement as coming from IBB".

"He is not personalizing his statement against the incumbent president. We sat down, we discussed and articulated them and we put them into perspective", he said. But our party leaders must study the issues raised and use them to the benefit of the nation.

"However, Nigerians have continued to show their solidarity with the President".