Sunday, 23 September, 2018

Jaguar's new run of original D-types resurrects glory days

J Classic D type 050218 06 Jaguar's new run of original D-types resurrects glory days
Theresa Hayes | 07 February, 2018, 13:14

Now, through its new-for-2017 Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works arm, the automaker will be building 25 new examples of the legendary D-Type race on which the XKSS was based.

It all started with the six "missing" Jaguar E-type "Lightweight" competition models that Jaguar had originally planned to build for a total of 18 cars, but for whatever reason-just didn't. D-type buyers will be able to choose either 1955-specification Shortnose or 1956-spec Longnose bodywork.

Still, the Jaguar D-Type is a big deal in Jaguar's history, taking three Le Mans wins in three years, and the chance to have a real "original" without forking out multiple millions is a bit of a dream, if you have deep enough pockets. The first prototype example will make its debut at Salon Retromobile in Paris this week, with more details expected to be announced then.

Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic director, said: "The Jaguar D-type is one of the most iconic and attractive competition cars of all time, with an outstanding record in the world's toughest motor races".

Everything will be period correct, similar to the recent Lightweight E-type and XKSS projects.

In fact, Jaguar has already built one.

Director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic Tim Hannig says the cars are an opportunity for Jaguar to continue the D-Type's story long after it began. And it's just as spectacular today.

The production of the additional 25 Jaguar D-Type cars actually completes Jaguar's original goal that it set way back in 1955.

Jaguar Classic experts' painstaking research, with exclusive access to original Jaguar engineering drawings and records, ensures each new D-type will be built to the authentic specifications laid down by competitions manager Lofty England and his engineers in the 1950s.