Thursday, 22 February, 2018

Android Wear lag caused by 'Ok Google' fault is fixed by Google

Google brings AR stickers to almost all devices Android Wear lag caused by 'Ok Google' fault is fixed by Google
Theresa Hayes | 07 February, 2018, 13:25

The platform does away with the need of having multiple camera setup on a smartphone for augmented reality features. As reported by Android Police, Google+ users will soon be receiving a "brand new version" of the platform's Android app, bringing with it a complete core feature rewrite. As we move to the new feed experience for the Search app, which makes it easier than ever to discover and explore what matters to you, we've made a decision to remove the shortcuts feature. With this, the devices don't need to have a particular app installed on their handsets and they will still receive the notifications.

After some Android Wear smartwatches were found to suffer from lag back in December, Google now appears to have patched the issue with its latest update.

App Preview Messaging feature is a part of Google Play Services and hence it will be handled through the Google Play Services on all the Android based smartphones.

If you haven't tried Google's Motion Stills yet, you might be missing out on a great tool to make looping GIFs that you can share on social media. At this time information is still lacking, but once we can confirm seeing these changes in action, we'll be sure to document them. If you want these updates even earlier, you can enroll in Google Play Services beta track.

If you are in love with this gesture navigation control, there is an unofficial way of getting it by installing an app on your device.

Google+ may have fallen off the radar for most people, but it's actually been improving a lot over the past year.