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What to do if you receive Facebook message containing child pornography

Germaine Moore Germaine Moore
Melinda Barton | 06 February, 2018, 16:33

It has been shared thousands of times on Facebook by people trying to help identify him. "Instinctively was like. I have got to report this", said Lynn Roberts.

The video could also have viruses attached to it. Law enforcement agencies there are aware of the video and are vigorously investigating the situation.

"You're looking at a felony charge".

"Unfortunately what they were doing is committing a crime it was distribution of child pornography", Asmussen, said. "So in this case, it's very disturbing that people feel like it's OK to post something bad happening to a child on social media. It is a child, so the video meets the statutory requirement for child pornography", Houston said.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces in multiple states are investigating this video and are working to try and determine the origins of the video and identify the victim and suspect involved.

FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating the video that's now making its rounds on Facebook.

Fargo police posted to their Facebook page about the viral video, and also urged people to take precaution when coming across the video, and to do their best to report the video.

Germaine Moore
Germaine Moore

Sharing the post is considered redistributing child pornography, which is illegal and could result in the seizure of the electronic device that accessed the material.

Notify law enforcement using the Cyber Tip Line operated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies.

Reportedly, some people have shared the video to others, with the hope of spreading the word to help find the person responsible, and those who share it could potentially face charges.

ColumbusPolice, has received several calls regarding a video containing child porn being received via Facebook Messenger.

The spokesperson added that every image uploaded to Facebook since 2011 is scanned using PhotoDNA technology.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's Internet Crimes Unit served a search warrant on Magnolia Loop in Millbrook Monday afternoon, report said. Investigators received the explicit video earlier this week.

"It's going viral and we don't want it to go viral, " Tony Garrett, executive director of Central Alabama Crimestoppers told