Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

NYPD continues rolling iPhones out to every officer, replacing Windows Phones

US-JUSTICE-APPLE-IPHONE NYPD continues rolling iPhones out to every officer, replacing Windows Phones
Sherri Watson | 06 February, 2018, 22:17

Initially announced previous year the NYPD is now rolling about 600 new iPhones a day to officers in Manhattan.

Around 36,000 Nokia Lumia Windows Phone units were issued to the NYPD in 2014.

NYPD's decision to switch to iPhone is another big hit for Microsoft in the mobile industry, this is a result of Microsoft no longer supporting Windows Phone 8.1. The department has switched to iPhones over the Nokia phones and the rollout begun in Patrol Borough Manhattan South. Noted by the New York Daily News, it turns out the rollout is still ongoing and the New York City police department is still in the process of equipping officers with iPhones.

With 911 dispatch actually faster than calls made over the radio, there are already cases of getaway attempts that would have succeeded in the past being hampered by the new, faster acting officer dispatch method. Officers will also use their iPhones to fill out summonses, as well as to file accident reports, aided cards and domestic violence reports.

"I truly feel like it's the ultimate tool to have as a patrol cop", said Police Officer Christopher Clampitt.

According to Ms Tisch, response times are down 14 per cent since the introduction of the new phones. The upgrade plan is free under the contract between NYPD and AT&T.

The police will generally be able to access all the same information they could on the Microsoft devices, but will be doing so in a completely different software environment in iOS. The head of NYPD's Strategic Technology Division called the Apple phones a "force multiplier", partially because it can sent alerts to all cops with iPhones in a geographic area.

An NYPD spokesperson said a year ago that the iPhones would be provided to the department at no cost, and the Daily News reported on Monday that the new phones are considered a hardware upgrade under the police's contract with AT&T.