Monday, 10 December, 2018

Konami apologizes for announcing nuclear disarmament (in Metal Gear Solid V )

MGSV nuclear disarmament ending Konami apologizes for announcing nuclear disarmament (in Metal Gear Solid V )
Theresa Hayes | 06 February, 2018, 16:31

The said secret ending accidentally triggered on February 2 even though the game is still populated by a countless number of nuclear weapons. Why?

The nuclear disarmament option was first discovered when players searching through the game's files uncovered a hidden cutscene that no one could trigger.

Others claim that it's all a big conspiracy, that Konami purposefully triggered the cutscene so as to drum up hype for the upcoming games such as Metal Gear Survive.

Addressing the issue on Twitter, publisher Konami confirmed that players had - of course - not suddenly turned into a bunch of pacifists: the seemingly-impossible condition of needing every player to disarm their nukes had not been met.

As you might expect, it's very hard to get thousands of players to coordinate toward a goal, and as of September 1, 2017, there were still over 9,800 nuclear weapons on the PC server.

"The nuclear disarmament event was triggered in the Steam version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on Feb 2nd at approximately 12:00 GMT", read the statement.

Metal Gear fans who used to play Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain might have seen a particular Metal Gear Solid 5 cinematic that is related to all of the bases on a particular server not having nuclear weapons to protect themselves from attack.

By Sunday, Konami was taking to Twitter to "confirm that the event was triggered while the nuke count hadn't reached zero".

No one knows for sure just yet, but one player's actions to trick the system into thinking nuclear missiles were a thing of the past might be one of the most poignant questions of power and its influence in modern media.

Others speculated that the cutscene triggered due to an overflow error in the game's code. Given the context of the dialogue in this cutscene, fans theorized that disarming every nukes would trigger this event, with players working towards that goal since this discovery in 2015. There are several theories as to why it could have happened, although Konami reportedly hasn't found the cause yet. The PS4 version of the game still has 1942 nukes, at last count.