Saturday, 21 July, 2018

'Frasier' actor John Mahoney dead at 77

John Mahoney as Martin Crane in Frasier NBC John Mahoney as Martin Crane in Frasier
Stacy Diaz | 06 February, 2018, 16:16

He did not like complaining.

Mahoney didn't get his start in acting until his 40s, acting on the advice of John Malkovich.

John Mahoney played the iconic role of Martin Crane, the no-nonsense father in TV sitcom Frasier, for all 11 seasons until 2014. He was nominated for two Emmys for the role. Mahoney, a British native who made Oak Park his home town, was a two-time Emmy nominee for "Frasier" and won a 1986 Tony Award for "The House of Blue Leaves".

On television, his credits included Hot in Cleveland, In Treatment and ER. He was such a role model of humility and kindness.

In his 30s, he enrolled in acting classes at Chicago's St. Nicholas Theatre after quitting his job. Jones and Mr. Mahoney collaborated on four productions presented by the Skokie-based theater company.

He also had close ties with Ireland taking to the stage regularly at the Galway International Arts Festival and Dublin's Gate Theatre. 11 years living out of a suitcase in NY. "He was the essence of a Chicago theater creature". I thought, 'That's what I want.

The star is thought to have served in the army for three years, before becoming a citizen, He reportedly moved to the USA after World War II and once told the Chicago Tribune: "It was so bleak and dark in England" and "so sunny" in America. That's where his pregnant mother had been evacuated for safety from Nazi attacks, but the family soon returned to its home in Manchester. He moved to the United States as a young man and got his U.S. citizenship after he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

He worked as an English teacher and as the editor of a medical magazine before deciding to pursue a career as a professional actor in his late thirties.

In 1991, two years before "Frasier" began, he acknowledged to The Washington Post that he was contentedly resigned to a career as a character actor.

Sitting in his character's favorite chair, actor John Mahoney flashes a dastardly smile on the Fraiser set during a break in filming at Paramount Studios, Tuesday morning in Hollywood.