Thursday, 21 June, 2018

Trudeau holds town hall in BC following Trans Mountain pipeline endorsement

Trudeau holds town hall in BC following Trans Mountain pipeline endorsement Trudeau holds town hall in BC following Trans Mountain pipeline endorsement
Nellie Chapman | 03 February, 2018, 15:23

Premier Rachel Notley says her government is moving ahead with measures against response to that province's attempt to impose a ban on crude flowing to the coast.

An outright boycott or extra tax on B.C. products would likely violate trade agreements - and potentially see retaliation against Alberta beers - but Albertans could potentially be prodded to try Ontario chardonnay instead.

"This is just a first step". "In the coming days and weeks, there may be more".

In a statement on his official Facebook page, Moe says the BC government is hiding "under the guise of environmental protection" and are rejecting the notices of the Canadian National Energy Board Act and Canadian Environmental Protection Act regarding the legitimate safety of transporting goods through pipelines being approved following inspection and review.

"It is so far beyond the scope of what they have the legal ability to do, they are creating a mockery of our federal system, and it truly does jeopardize investor confidence", said Notley. "It's within our jurisdiction to put in place regulations to protect the public interest".

"The B.C. government has no authority to make regulations or anything else about what does in those pipelines and the federal government needs to make that very clear".

"I let him know that this was not the end of it". "We will stand by our decision".

Mr. Trudeau, who will be attending a number of events in Edmonton on Thursday and will be on Vancouver Island on Friday, is wading into an economic and environmental tug of war between Alberta and he travels west.

"The kinds of things that Mr. Kenney is proposing is akin to "cutting off your face to spite your nose".

"That's what we are doing".

"I grew up spending my summers in B.C. My family is from B.C. We need this pipeline".

Mayor Naheed Nenshi also waded into the fight on Thursday, saying B.C. pulled a risky stunt with the proposal.

Notley adds there are also plans to take the issue to court.

The company said it would actively participate in the engagement and feedback process that the province has announced, while pointing out that the Trans Mountain expansion project was already thoroughly studied before it secured approval.

Alberta is responding by suspending talks with British Columbia on purchasing electricity from the province through existing lines.