Monday, 10 December, 2018

Designate Moe backs Notley in BC pipeline dispute

Designate Moe backs Notley in BC pipeline dispute Designate Moe backs Notley in BC pipeline dispute
Nellie Chapman | 02 February, 2018, 21:26

"We're going to put in place a scientific panel to look at the potential consequences of a catastrophic (bitumen) spill".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking from Winnipeg on Wednesday night, added that the Trans Mountain project is safe for the environment.

In a move tantamount to an attempt to obstruct a $5 million project to expand Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta, British Columbia announced potential new oil shipment rules on January 30.

Notley has threatened trade retaliation with B.C. if the shipping ban goes ahead.

This could potentially jeporadize the construction of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

"We need this pipeline" said Trudeau, "and we're gonna move forward with it responsibly". "We will stand by our decision", Trudeau said in a radio interview today.

The province's most provocative move came this week when it announced a plan to restrict transportation of bitumen until there are further studies on its behaviour in a spill, effectively giving itself power over the expansion - even if it has no jurisdiction and it's been federally approved.

Insufficient pipeline capacity is more damaging on the Canadian oil and gas sector than the impact of the carbon tax, says a fresh report by the C.D. Howe Institute, the Canadian Press reports.

While it is normal for provinces to have differences, Trudeau said it is the federal government's job to step in and protect the national interest, "and that's exactly what I am going to do", without elaborating on what steps he might take.

According to the Constitution, Ottawa has jurisdiction over federal infrastructure projects like pipelines, but B.C. has a strong legal standing over environmental threats within its borders, Adams said.

At a town-hall meeting in Edmonton Thursday night, Trudeau faced questions from a man anxious about stalled oil pipeline projects that he said are needed to help the economy and create jobs.

The prime minister told the crowd that Canada must be able to get its resources to new markets.

Trudeau said the decision was environmentally and economically sound and the new sanctions will not succeed in derailing the project.

"You can not have any one of them, unless you have all three of them", he said.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said this week she is considering a range of economic and legal options in response to B.C.'s proposals, and on Thursday suspended the interprovincial trade talks over the purchase of electricity from B.C. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said he supports her.

"The prime minister ran on the promise that the Kinder Morgan project was subject to a National Energy Board process that was faulty and flawed", Brown said. In a Facebook post, he said his government opposes B.C.'s new rules, arguing they were made "under the guise of environmental protection".