Friday, 22 February, 2019

Who will win Superbowl LII?

Melissa Porter | 01 February, 2018, 02:23

"A couple of the players gave them towels after the Super Bowl press conference".

While Foles stood center stage with Tom Brady at media night, Wentz sat in the stands at the hockey arena and spoke to reporters for about 25 minutes. I got traded for him. What were some of the football questions and football elements that Tom talked about?

"Yeah, they do have another side to them", he said.

Sheppard is looking forward to this weekend's rematch. The Eagles play hard and with great intensity - they play as a true team. They had an incredible season.

Running back LeGarrette Blount played from 2013-16 with the Patriots and won two Super Bowls. But when the Eagles came out, there was booing. The Patriots are an organization that puts the team first and "ME" second. "It's not like playing the Rams in the Super Bowl, a team that I was there eight years for, but when you win a championship with somebody, it creates a bond that lasts a lifetime, so it's interesting to play against those guys".

"This was a gift from Mexico so I can have super powers all week", Cox said about the green mask featuring an Eagles logo.

"For the Eagles fans, don't worry, we're going to be greasing all the lamp posts, so you will feel right at home", Frey adds in a playful jab to a tactic the city of Philadelphia has used to try to keep unruly fans from climbing them.

So what happened to transform those losers into Super Bowl champs so quickly? When you take the brand names out of it - Belichick/Brady vs. [Doug] Peterson/Foles.

"They're good in all three phases", Brady, 40, said of the Eagles, who like the Patriots are 15-3 this season. "I think guys just accept their role and make most of their opportunities". There's no better example than the quarterback position.

When Carson Wentz went down with an injury in early December, everyone assumed the magical season of the Eagles was officially over.

I predict the Patriots will beat the Eagles 24-17. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's kind of like what we did in deciding the 45th president.

Are you exhausted of the New England Patriots winning?

Chris Gasper: There's this whole sense around this Super Bowl with this team that it's sort of like the last ride. And I think they have one more surprise in store for the sports world. Take the football out of it because that's what we see, but these are people that consider themselves a family and deeply care about each other.