Monday, 19 November, 2018

Michelle Obama on the awkward Trump gift exchange

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Healthier America's 2017 summit May 12 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington D.C. Obama will appear on the Michelle Obama on the awkward Trump gift exchange
Melinda Barton | 01 February, 2018, 02:36

"This is like a state visit, so they tell you that you're going to do this, they're going to stand here". Melania Trump, with her gift in her hand, walked up to the Obamas by her lonesome, a few steps behind her husband like she was his servant. During an interview taped this week for The Ellen Show (and set to air on Thursday), Michelle said she was very surprised to even get a gift, because "there's all this protocol" - protocol which does not specify presents, flowers, or even a pot luck. "I was like what do you do with the box?"

She then explained exactly what happened and her train of thought throughout the process.

This, on any other day, would be no problem.

The first lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Graham, said the change of plans was due to "scheduling and logistical issues" and dismissed gossip about marital troubles between the Trumps as "flat-out false reporting". But by January 20, 2017, most of their staff had left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Bush discretely hid the cream box with red ribbon behind former President Obama's back for the photo op.

"See? He grabbed the box and took it back inside".

In an emotional speech on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Michelle Obama focused on the important role the next president will have on America's children. Hopefully, she put a photo of herself with her husband, Barack Obama, and daughters, Malia Obama, 19, and Sasha Obama, 16, in it. But everybody cleared out.

Michelle also revealed inside was a "lovely frame", despite some jokes online there was a 'Help Me!' note inside from Melania. No staff, no one. "But everybody cleared out, and I'm like, 'What do you do with the box?'"

"The Tiffany's box", Obama said, nodding.