Monday, 21 January, 2019

Trend to shout anti-Pakistan slogans in Muslim-majority areas

Trend to shout anti-Pakistan slogans in Muslim-majority areas Trend to shout anti-Pakistan slogans in Muslim-majority areas
Melinda Barton | 31 January, 2018, 04:35

Asked about his post on "Chaiwala", Mr Singh said that it was being read in the wrong context and his intentions were being misconstrued.

Raghvendra Vikram Singh had taken to Facebook to upload two posts one of which said, "Ajab rivaj ban gaya hai". Days after Kasganj violence in which one person died, Singh took to Facebook and posted that it has become a "trend" to enter a Muslim locality and raise anti-Pakistan slogans. The clashes broke out after residents of the Muslim-dominated locality of Baddu Nagar in Kasganj arranged chairs on the road and were getting ready to unfurl the tricolour, and workers of Hindu outfits reached the area and allegedly demanded that the chairs be removed to make way for their bikes.

In another post Singh taunted asking why the so-called nationalists weren't shouting anti-China slogans since it was a bigger enemy. Muslim mohallon mein zabardasti juloos le jao aur Pakistan murdabad ke nare lagao. "The state government will take cognizance of the issue and necessary action will be initiated accordingly", Maurya told reporters at the concluding ceremony of "Samutkarsha" on Parade ground in Magh mela area.

Singh had also spoken to the Hindustan Times regarding the Kasganj violence: "It was a small incident, but see how big its implications were". Singh was a Short Service Commission Army officer, before joining the State civil services and promoted to the IAS.

The Kanwariyas had clashed with members of a community while passing through a village in Bareilly after locals objected to them having a DJ perform, for which they did not have permission. He added that the government was focussing on the maintenance of peace and to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

Singh has written: "I had hoped there will be [an] academic discussion but unfortunately it had taken a different turn".

The controversial post has since been deleted, apparently under pressure from the government.

The senior officer said it was his "moral and administrative responsibility" to improve the communal situation in the state. "Muslims are like our brothers...they are our own blood.we have same DNA...we failed to bring them back (to mainstream)...we will talk on this some other time..." he further said in the post.

Official sources said that Adityanath had reportedly ticked off the District Magistrate over telephone on Tuesday.

"He appeared to be making a statement like a party spokesman despite the fact that government servants are bound by rules", Maurya said over the phone.