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Canadian couple finds worms in their feet after a beach vacation

Canadian couple finds worms in their feet after a beach vacation Canadian couple finds worms in their feet after a beach vacation
Melissa Porter | 31 January, 2018, 04:30

A couple is warning others of the dangers of walking barefoot on the beach after they contracted hookworms while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

They initially dismissed the symptom as bug bites.

"We want to make it known to more doctors what it is, what to look for and stuff because it took us a few trips to the hospital to find out what it was", said Zytner.

In an interview with Canadian broadcast CTVNews last Friday, Ms Stephens said that they had been scratching their feet for most of the trip, but assumed that the itch was caused by sand flies. He was sent home with his feet in bandages and no diagnosis. Eddie's feet began to swell up, with blisters and bumps popping up all over.

They said they had made repeated visits to the hospital, but on 22 January, an emergency room doctor recognised the signs of cutaneous larva migrans. "I think I might have complained about it a little bit more that my feet were really itchy, but mine didn't start swelling and everything until about the Sunday night".

A couple from Windsor, in Ontario, Canada, who were on a holiday to the Caribbean say they regret going on the trip as both have parasites burrowing in their feet.

Hookworms, or larva migrans, are parasites that can enter your skin if you come into contact with infected sand or soil.

Couple gets hookworm infection after walking barefoot on Dominican Republic Beach.

"Good hygiene standards and effective sewage disposal systems are the reason hookworm infections aren't commonly seen in developed countries such as the United Kingdom, although they may still be a problem in some Mediterranean countries".

Stephens said that the doctor told them they could take a drug called ivermectin - which was a problem after having realized that the medication was not licensed in Canada.

Stephens believed that they could receive the drug by the end of this week.

Stephens also complained that the health care system in Canada did not cover the medication she needed, although she later added, "I would like to stress we had incredible health care from our doctors to our nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists".

Referring to his feet, he said: "They looked a little bit better yesterday".

But a doctor who possessed a dual-nation licence helped Zytner and Stephens to get the required medications in the U.S., the website reported. Her mother had to drive to Detroit to get the medication in America for the couple, Fox News reported.

Zytner and Stephens took the medication for two days. After a couple of doses, the Canadian couple began showing signs of improvement, but they're still not out of the woods. The couple shared what they had faced after returning from the vacations and the outcomes are actually bad to see. The woman also added that the itchiness didn't subside, and they had to scratch their way back to the States.