Sunday, 20 January, 2019

Young Eagles Fan Urges The Eagles Defense To "Take Tom Brady Out"

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long USA TODAY Sports Images
Kristopher Love | 30 January, 2018, 20:42

Blount, who signed with the Eagles as an unrestricted free agent after winning last year's Super Bowl with the Patriots, and defensive end Chris Long went from New England to Philadelphia last spring.

Standing in the way of Super Bowl glory and a place in the history books is a Patriots team looking to claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy for a sixth time under legendary head coach Bill Belichick.

As a Tom Brady fan, I'd like to say I think they will run away with this championship, and Brady will join MJ with six championship rings, but I'm not quite sure after seeing the Eagles offense beat down on the Vikings defense with the mediocre Nick Foles leading the way. They were part of an unusual early flood of money on the Eagles at a time when historically most bettors wait until the days just before the game.

The Eagles defense will have their hands full as they stack up against Brady and his offensive firepower. And it's remarkable. Some teams do get intimidated by that.

In fact, they sound like a team ready to take on the challenge.

Most identifiable by his bushy beard, backward-facing ball cap and cargo shorts or cutoff sweatpants no matter what the weather, Patricia will be on the Patriots sideline on February 4, when they face the Philadelphia Eagles in an attempt to win their sixth National Football League championship. It began with a chat with Belichick, and ended after a call to Howie Roseman. I like him a lot, though.

"For those of you who are going to Minnesota, we will see you there. And I understand y'all scheme is y'all scheme.' He understood that from the beginning". After a few down seasons with the Rams, Long bounced back nicely for the Patriots.

"He does a great job with his body, positioning himself between the defender and the ball, and catches everything in his radius", said Jenkins. He probably did. Not that it wouldn't have worked out here. It was about to turn into a big regret. The Patriots covered as a 3-point favorite over the Falcons a year ago after erasing a 28-3 third quarter deficit. "It's a talent show that you did when you were a kid, and you were the failure". I was antsy to get on a team and I saw the team I wanted to get on. "He gave me an opportunity, and I won two championships with him, so I'm not going to be disrespectful or anything".

"The Patriots have a different way of doing things than we do", Grugier-Hill said. "We're focused on what we have to do in these next two weeks to get to where we want to be".