Sunday, 09 December, 2018

USDA joins shocking raw meat delivery investigation in San Jose

99 Ranch Market in San Jose California 99 Ranch Market in San Jose California
Nellie Chapman | 30 January, 2018, 04:33

Facebook photos of exposed, raw meat being delivered to a San Jose 99 Ranch Market in Costco shopping carts have gone viral. Loretta Seto posted the photos on social media showing men delivering the raw meat using Costco shopping carts from a nearby store.

The health department confirmed it will be conducting a thorough investigation into the complaints and will take appropriate action as needed to ensure public safety.

Maria Moon, the office manager for the company, spoke to the Modesto Bee about the incident: "We are thoroughly investigating the incident", she said in a telephone interview. When we send our products out, they are always in a combo bin and wrapped.

A grocery store in San Jose, California, is under investigation after a customer snapped photos of a vendor bringing shopping carts full of unpackaged meat into the facility. "Thank you for your patience and understanding".

The photos have spread like wildfire, gaining over 2,000 shares as of writing.

Moon said she was unsure whether the employees were acting upon a request from 99 Ranch Market on getting the meat into the store. Bay Area reports the meat was being taken into the store through the front entrance, and says the store has identified the vendor as Winton-based Jim's Farm Meat.

"JPS Sierra Foods has nothing to do with Jim's Farm Meat", Sanchez said Sunday. Listeria, a bacteria that can grow in uncooked meats, vegetables, soft cheese and unpasteurized milk, can develop into Listeriosis, a serious infection that causes fever and diarrhea, in those who eat contaminated food. Doctor Steven Gordon of Cleveland Clinic says that although listeria isn't common, it can be very risky.