Thursday, 22 February, 2018

A new petition attempts to provide food stamps for pets Video

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Nellie Chapman | 30 January, 2018, 21:00

A petition started online had almost reached its goal of 90,000 signatures Monday as people across the country marked their support for a petition to include pet food in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

The petition was started by MS native Edward Johnston Jr. last week.

The petition, "Don't Let Pets Starve - Include Pet Food in SNAP Benefits!" is less than 10,000 signatures away from its 110,000 goal.

Currently, food stamps are only used to buy food for individuals or families. Providing a proper diet for pets would be hard with that income.

The petition's author, Edward B Johnston Jr., argues that low-income Americans who rely on food stamps should not have to choose between feeding their families and keeping their pets. Johnston continued, "Should someone be forced to give up a pet they've had for years just because they hit a financial rough patch?"

As of Monday evening, more than 89,700 supporters had signed the petition, leaving messages like that of Latricia S., who said, "I had to give up my service cats because I couldn't afford to feed them". "Having a pet helps your mental & physical health".

Any change would also likely have to go through Congress. Gunderson said: "I can't imagine how the government would decide on, say, how much more money a family should get if they have a Bernese Mountain Dog", he continued, "Would this be more than for, say, a Sheltie?"