Thursday, 20 September, 2018

Miami police handcuff 7-year-old boy for allegedly attacking teacher

A 7-year-old boy is taken from school after allegedly punching a teacher Miami police handcuff 7-year-old boy for allegedly attacking teacher
Melinda Barton | 29 January, 2018, 23:25

A seven-year-old boy was arrested on school grounds Friday after he allegedly attacked his teacher, police said. His mother was brought to tears at the sight.

"I feel like my heart is broken", Mercy Álvarez, the boy's mother, said.

"I was in shock". A danger to society?' his father, Rolando Fuentes, told Channel 7-WSVN.

Cellphone video shows the boy being led away from school Thursday in restraints following the altercation, and his parents are upset by the school's handling of the situation, reported WSVN-TV. The arrest came after the student was restrained for attacking his teacher in the hallway, punching her repeatedly in her back after he was removed from the cafeteria for "playing with his food".

After the child was restrained by a school resource officer, he continued fighting with his female teacher using his fists and legs. The two then fell to the ground, but it didn't end there.

After being immobilized, the first-grader was taken to the principal's office who chose to notify the authorities.

The teacher told authorities she wanted to press charges against the boy, who was taken to the principal's office after the incident.

"Says he's a danger to society".

"My wife and I will do whatever is necessary to continue my kid's education, if it's possible at home because I don't believe in the system anymore", said Fuentes. She says she is looking into why her child only began having problems there since the school year started.

The Miami Herald said the boy was suspended for 10 days in November because of another school tantrum, but the mother said the same police officer was involved. However, the officer told them that she had to arrest the 7-year-old or take him in for psychiatric evaluation.

"He does not have a mental disorder", Alvarez said.

Ian Moffett, the school district's police chief, said in a statement that it was "rare for students this young to be Baker Acted", referring to a Florida law that allows police and certain other officials to initiate an involuntary institutionalization for a psychological evaluation.

While the 7-year-old's parents wait to see what happens next, they have continued to demand answers because they believe the handcuffs crossed the line.

"There's something wrong in this case", Fuentes said.