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President of Kyrgyzstan condoles with South Korea over deadly Miryang hospital fire

South Korea President of Kyrgyzstan condoles with South Korea over deadly Miryang hospital fire
Melinda Barton | 27 January, 2018, 15:35

He noted how the five-story hospital doubles as a nursing facility, and numerous deceased included elderly patients who lived there.

Officials said there are around 79 people injured, eight of those in a critical condition.

"Yet, there were about 100 patients at Sejong Hospital - in front of the care hospital - and among those hundred patients, some of them were in the intensive care unit on the third floor".

The hospital's operations were suspended after the fire.

Firefighters had evacuated about 200 people from the main hospital building and nursing home directly behind the hospital, Choi said.

The fire is the country's deadliest in at least a decade, according to Yonhap news agency.

Most of those who died were on the first and second floors of the six-storey building.

Fire authorities have revised the death toll from a hospital fire in southeastern South Korea to 37. The hospital said that current law did not require the building to have a sprinkler system.

The blaze is thought to have started in the emergency room at Sejong Hospital in the south-eastern city of Miryang, BBC reported.

The fire came only a month after 29 people were killed in an inferno at a fitness club in the South Korean city of Jecheon - a disaster blamed on insufficient emergency exits, flammable finishing materials and illegally parked cars blocking access to emergency vehicles.

A fire official says the toll from a hospital fire in South Korea has risen to 31 dead with 77 injured. "Others said an electric spark occurred on the ceiling of the emergency room and then the fire spread quickly".

It was the country's second major blaze in a month, and officials admitted there was no sprinkler system installed at the hospital.

By yesterday afternoon, police had cordoned off the hospital as forensic investigators combed the smoke-blackened building.

The fire started around 7:30am local time and was extinguished in three hours. Firefighters can be seen battling the flames and maneuvering around the charred debris.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in gets a briefing at the burnt hospital in Miryang January 27, 2018. It was South Korea's worst fire since 2008, when a warehouse fire in Icheon left 40 people dead.

Interior Minister Kim Boo Kyum, who visited Miryang, promised government help for victims, Yonhap news agency said.