Monday, 10 December, 2018

Jose Mourinho uses orange metaphor for Alexis Sanchez

Lazar Markovic of Hull City and Ryan Bertrand of Southampton during the Premier League match between Southampton and Hull City at St Mary's Stadium Jose Mourinho uses orange metaphor for Alexis Sanchez
Nellie Chapman | 27 January, 2018, 00:37

Usually, an Arsenal player defecting to join Manchester United is controversial enough, but the Chile global could be in trouble after he allegedly skipped a drugs test during the transfer.

It is claimed anti-doping authorities were not informed of his whereabouts on the day, which may have led to confusion over why he allegedly wasn't present for a test.

Wenger also vouched for Sanchez's clean doping record. "Is he still our player on Monday or not?"

"Our careers are nearly made in the same countries simultaneously, so I know him very, very well", said former Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss Mourinho.

Negotiations were going on and it's a special event for him to miss a drug test.

"Honestly, on the administration side certainly it would still be our responsibility because on the day he had not moved, so maybe this will be down to us and our responsibility".

"It doesn't happen a lot".

"I saw him play on the right, the left, as a striker and behind the striker, he said. We have nothing to hide".

When asked whether he believed players could be forced out by the former Barcelona and Arsenal man's arrival, Mourinho admitted: "This is life in big clubs".

"It was quite surprising at the start because obviously he [Sanchez] wasn't linked with us at all and everything moved really quickly", Shaw told Flow Sports Premier. "For me that is more important". The intention of Alexis was not to hide, neither was ours.

The playmaker impressed as Arsenal booked their place in the Carabao Cup final during Wednesday's 2-1 victory over Chelsea.

"I am not happy with Mourinho's decision not to play him, but it is his club, his team - he knows what he wants. I think it's a very good deal for us".

"I think with the moment Real Madrid is having now, I think I should be the last one to add some fuel to the fire", Mourinho said.