Monday, 10 December, 2018

Governor boosts California, warns of threats in handle

Governor boosts California, warns of threats in handle Governor boosts California, warns of threats in handle
Nellie Chapman | 26 January, 2018, 08:23

"Today, as Governor Brown delivers his 16th and final State-of-the-State address, we should give thanks".

"California was built on dreams and perseverance, and the bolder path is still our way forward", Brown declared.

Vidak said in a news release sent out Thursday morning he'd rather be connecting job seekers with employers than be in Sacramento for a vote seeking to extend the paid leave of embattled Sen.

Assembly Republican Leader Brian Dahle of Bieber said California is not just home to tech billionaires but to working class people who struggle daily to afford basic needs. His latest budget proposal assumes a $6 billion surplus along with hefty deposits to the state's rainy-day fund.

Brown opened his second stint as governor in 2011 promising to pull the Golden State out of a bitter economic downturn which created a $27 billion deficit. "Unemployment was above 12% and 1.3 million Californians lost their jobs", said Brown, who was California's governor from 1975 to 1983 before regaining the office in 2010.

He warned of continuing devastation from natural disasters, predicting that the floods, fires and mudslides that have ravaged the state in the previous year would only get worse with climate change.

The state has traveled a fair distance from the years following the recession when the New York Times described it as the Coast of Dystopia, Brown said Thursday. "We should never forget our dependence on the natural environment ... we can't fight nature, we have to learn how to get along with it", he said. "Tomorrow, we get back to work".

Brown is expected to strike a different tone than previous year, when he spoke just four days after the inauguration of President Trump. He directly criticized the president only once, calling him out for doubting climate change.

Brown also touted California's participation in Obamacare.

Brown still has quite a bit of unfinished business left for the 347 days before he departs the State Capitol for his family ranch in Colusa County. Born into politics, educated by Jesuits, Brown will stand by any measure as one of the most important leaders in California history.

He defended both projects in the speech, saying they were necessary for the state's wellbeing. Many support the governor for taking a hard stance on transportation-related projects, including his desire for high speed rail. "I make no bones about it: I like trains, I like high-speed trains even better", he said.

He also hailed the success of criminal justice policies he pushed that reduced the state's booming prison population, even as Republicans and some prosecutors are hoping to undo them.

On healthcare, he heralded Republican U.S. Senators who voted against the effort a year ago to repeal the Affordable Care Act. John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for voting against an effort to repeal Obamacare.

Brown didn't mention several of the state's other biggest challenges, including sky-high housing costs and rising homelessness rates.

Brown also said he has persisted with a plan to bring water from the north to the south through massive tunnels because it is "vital" to California.