Sunday, 09 December, 2018

President Donald Trump Just Took The "Montreal Test" For Mental Health

Then-White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on cyber security in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington Tuesday Jan. 31 2017 President Donald Trump Just Took The "Montreal Test" For Mental Health
Nellie Chapman | 21 January, 2018, 01:28

"So it turns out, according to the official White House doctor, Trump is completely sane, which makes me more anxious because that means he's doing all of this s- on objective?!" he said.

Donald Trump has aced a test on his mental health - likely putting to rest days of Washington political gossip.

The White House chefs, Jackson said, are now cooking for him a much healthier diet. I found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought process'.

According to White House schedules and pooled press reports, the USA leader has spent time at a golf resort on 91 of the past 364 days.

The fast-food-loving Trump praised Jackson, who has served as a physician to previous presidents, but seemed wary of taking the not-so-subtle suggestion to use the White House's exercise facilities.

Side-by-side comparisons are popping up on social media where Trump is compared to athletes like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady, who are roughly the same height and weight as Trump is said to be.

He has "always been more of a believer in diet because I'm strong, you know?"

And, on a day-to-day basis it has been my experience that the president - is very sharp, he is very articulate when he speaks to me.

Mr Trump has no heart disease and no family history of it.

He reported that the 6ft 3in president weighed in at 239lb, three pounds heavier than he was in September 2016, the last time Mr Trump revealed his weight to the public. "10 to 15 pounds". "According to the body mass index by the Federal Health and Human Services Department, Trump is overweight and just one pound shy of obesity", Colbert said.

Public-health experts have known for years that BMI isn't a ideal tool for measuring physical fitness and that an improved metric would incorporate waist circumference.

Critics began openly questioning Trump's mental heath this month following a tweet in which he said he has a bigger nuclear button than North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and the publication of Fire and Fury, a book about the White House, in which anonymous Trump acquaintances questioned the president's mental stability.

"Absolutely, he [Trump] is fit for duty".

Trump also has benefited from abstaining from both tobacco and alcohol throughout his life, according to the doctor.

He said that while Trump "doesn't have a daily exercise regiment", Trump "has a lot of energy, a lot of stamina".

Navy doctor Ronny Jackson says his assessment is based on Trump's cardiac assessment.

Others noted that Dr. Ronny Jackson's measurements put Trump's BMI at 29.9 - just under being considered obese.

The briefing on Trump's physical by Jackson lasted nearly an hour.

Donald Trump is in "excellent" health and has passed the cognitive test with flying colours, the White House physician said after the U.S. President underwent his annual medical check-up to quell questions about his mental abilities.