Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Google partners with Tencent to develop future technologies

Google partners with Tencent to develop future technologies Google partners with Tencent to develop future technologies
Nellie Chapman | 20 January, 2018, 07:48

The patent agreement with Google is another marker of Tencent's rapid expansion and increasing global influence.

The agreement is a typical industry arrangement between corporations created to minimise patent infringements, with the United States company signing similar deals with Samsung Electronics and others.

Google and Tencent did not disclose financial terms about the partnership.

Internet titans Google and Tencent on Friday signaled possible future collaboration on developing new technologies as the US and Chinese firms announced a long-term patent-sharing agreement. Google says this is a "long-term" agreement with the Chinese tech giant, one that covers "a broad range of products and technologies".

Tencent are the company behind WeChat, China's largest social media platform, and their largest payment service (WeChat Pay) with over 650 million monthly active user accounts and thus have a lot of Chinese patents that would interest many companies - especially Google. Neither company shared what those developments are, nor did they share how much access they have to each other's patent portfolio.

Over the past year Google has increased its presence in China, launching an AI lab in Beijing and introducing a new version of its translation app.

Meanwhile, Google is the number two in the planet and has users in all continents, who use its applications of search, maps, e-mail and You-Tube. But Google has previously said that agreements such as these reduce the potential of litigation over patent infringement.

The U.S. technology company has signed similar agreements before with Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Cisco Systems Inc, but the deal with Tencent is a first with a large Chinese tech firm.

As for Tencent, this looks more like a muscle-flexing move than anything else. Reuters reports that Tencent also sees over one of China's more popular app stores and hosts the country's largest gaming and livestream platforms. The company also made an investment in Chushou, a streaming service for gamers.