Saturday, 17 February, 2018

Uber is making its United Kingdom drivers work slightly less insane hours

Uber sets limit on amount of hours drivers can work Uber will require UK drivers to take long breaks after 10-hour shifts
Nellie Chapman | 18 January, 2018, 16:05

The amount of time drivers work is not just a safety issue.

In the U.S., the company caps the hours its drivers can work in a handful of places, like NY and Chicago, but it has no blanket policy created to keep exhausted workers off the road.

If you're an Uber driver in the United Kingdom, you might see a slight cut to your income in the near future if you tend to work long hours.

High-profile ride-hailing app Uber has introduced a 10-hour cap on driver's hours.

The new policy means that a licensed driver on Uber's app must take an uninterrupted six-hour break after 10 hours of time on a trip with a passenger or on their way to pick up a passenger after confirming a trip request.

Andrew Byre-Uber's UK Policy head said that the drivers only spend approximately thirty hours a week by logging into the application, we want to make sure that they must not drive exhausted and hence for that we are trying to play our part.

Byrne also informed that the app is expected to make some more changes to the way it operates in the coming months. According to Uber, close to a third of the 50,000 drivers the company has in Britain are logged into the app for more than 40 hours a week and over eight percent of the drivers are logged on for over 60 hours.

It was reported last month that the GMB union will submit evidence at Uber's appeal during the summer, focusing the long hours worked by many Uber drivers, which it claims could impact customer safety.

"The reason drivers are tired is because they are not earning enough, since they need to work at least 34 hours a week just to break even", said James Farrar, of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain.

"We need to tackle low pay and improve working conditions in the gig economy", he said.