Tuesday, 21 August, 2018

YouTube Execs on Logan Paul Scandal: "Actions Should Speak Louder Than Words"

YouTube Execs on Logan Paul Scandal: YouTube Execs on Logan Paul Scandal: "Actions Should Speak Louder Than Words"
Stacy Diaz | 14 January, 2018, 13:12

Logan Paul became a hot topic of conversation recently, when he uploaded a video to his popular YouTube channel showing the corpse of a man who had recently committed suicide by hanging in Japan's notorious "suicide forest". "You do not walk into a suicide forest with a camera and claim mental health awareness, '" YouTube said.

Besides being removed from two YouTube Red projects, Paul was also pulled from the Google Preferred advertising platform, though Forbes.com reports that he can still expect to make millions this year. "We don't know, we can't really answer that. everything is evolving so fast".

YouTube also condemned Paul's actions and stated that suicide should never be used as a joke or a means for viewership.

YouTube has chose to cut ties with Logan Paul following a firestorm of criticism over the vlogger's controversial Japan "Suicide Forest" video. There was an immediately backlash of public outrage, and though the video was quickly taken down, the damage was done.

"YouTube manages the largest set of partners of any company in the world", ranging from young people trying to get started "all the way to Disney", Kyncl said.

"Through its decision to cut ties with Logan Paul, YouTube is sending a clear message to influencers that they will be held responsible for their actions and that they need to think twice before sharing content that could be considered offensive or inappropriate", Dahan said in an email.

A YouTube spokesman says "In light of recent events, we have made a decision to remove Logan Paul's channels from Google Preferred". Amid the Paul flap-up and other brand safety concerns, YouTube is reportedly reimagining its Google Preferred ad package, and will henceforth vet channels using human and technological moderation. "Additionally, we will not feature Logan in season four of "Foursome" and his new Originals are on hold". It's also shaken the mini digital empire the 22-year-old Paul built out of his prank-and-stunt-filled daily missives on YouTube watched by millions of followers, many of them tweens, teens and kids.

YouTube said it would soon announce steps to protect advertisers from having their products connected to controversial material.