Sunday, 21 October, 2018

Test our resolve: Pakistan warns after Army chief Rawat's 'nuclear bluff' remark

Director general Mohammad Faisal said ‘despite calls for restraint India continues to indulge in ceasefire violations Test our resolve: Pakistan warns after Army chief Rawat's 'nuclear bluff' remark
Sherri Watson | 14 January, 2018, 14:20

General Bipin Rawat said those threats emerging from weapons of potential mass destruction have become a "reality", forcing the security establishment to take necessary precautionary measures.

"The army chief is a well-respected and decorated officer". He is a professional and there is no doubt about his professionalism.

The territorial dispute over Kashmir, which has sparked two wars, continues to strain bilateral ties and prevents India and Pakistan from resuming long-stalled political talks.

On Friday, Rawat said the force was ready to call Pakistan's "nuclear bluff" and cross the border if the government asked them to, PTI reported. "He is not an educationist to issue sermons on education", said Mr. Bukhari. "That's why they are targeting us through sub-conventional threat and state-sponsored terrorism", he said. "(And if there has to be one) then there should be a map of every state", he had said.

He said that J&K has a capable chief minister who supervises and takes review of different departments. He had called for "some control" over mosques and madarsas in the state and suggested a "major revamp" of the education system. The criticism came in the wake of the COAS statement, saying school education system in government schools in J&K has been corrupted, and that they have two maps in classrooms: one of India and the other of J&K.

"Army has its own role and let them play the same with utmost responsibility", added Bukhari. "Education is a State subject and falls well within the State's domain", Mr. Bukhari said. They are our children and we should not be happy about their deaths. "But we believe it's a weapon of deterrence, not a choice", Pakistan army spokesman Asif Ghafoor said on state-run television. They can not tell us to have one or two maps.

Speaking on the occasion, Altaf Bukhari said that book reading is a good habit and through this book exhibition, "we are trying to go back to the habit of book reading which is diminishing in this modern world full of technological innovations".