Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Siddaramaiah calls himself as 'humane Hindu', criticises BJP

Siddaramaiah Siddaramaiah calls himself as 'humane Hindu', criticises BJP
Melinda Barton | 14 January, 2018, 13:02

The Congress president's first three-day tour of the southern state will begin on February 10.

Several BJP workers on Saturday staged a protest in front of the district Congress committee office at Mallikatta here condemning Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's "Hindu terror" jibe at the BJP and RSS.

Speaking to mediapersons after the meeting, Siddaramaiah said Rahul Gandhi was happy with the poll preparations and functioning of the government as there was no anti-incumbency against the government, which has fulfilled all promises made during the 2013 assembly elections.

Mr. Vijayshankar disclosed this to reporters after a meeting with Mr. Siddaramaiah at his residence here on Friday.

Siddaramaiah had on Wednesday alleged that the BJP, the RSS and the Bajrang Dal have terrorists within their organisations, a charge rubbished by the saffron party.

After joining the Congress, Mr. Vijayshankar said he would also brief the media to expose certain leaders of the BJP, with which he was associated for more than two decades.

Congress MP KC Venugopal said, "BJP has no other agenda that's why they are only talking about Hindutva agenda".

"They (BJP) are following (Hindutva) sans humanity". UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is raising the same issue. "And (PM ) Modi may also raise the same issue because they have no issues here to talk about", he said caustically. "I'm also RSS, arrest me too", he said in another tweet. Hindu dharma means humane Hindu and not hatred. Asked if he would apologise for his remarks, he shot back, "Why?"

Rahul met the senior leaders separately and got their views on the current political situation in the state, before meeting the entire delegation and asking them to work together. With particular reference to the techniques adopted by BJP in Gujarat, he highlighted the failure of leaders of his party in Gujarat and deliberated on mistakes committed by them, it is said. Karnataka is likely to witness election in April-May.

Gandhi had earlier warned his party leaders from making remarks which are unwarranted and personal.