Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Rain, temperature drop throughout the day — TODAY'S FORECAST

Rain, temperature drop throughout the day — TODAY'S FORECAST Rain, temperature drop throughout the day — TODAY'S FORECAST
Theresa Hayes | 14 January, 2018, 12:39

Be prepared for heavy rain into the evening commute as highs soar into the mid to upper 50s. Snow-clogged drains will present a serious threat for flooding as well.

People should expected travel conditions to range from poor to extremely hard risky from Saturday to Saturday night in the storm's wake.

Tonight: Clouds will arrive with with a light round of freezing rain showers and freezing drizzle. However, according to reports, the resulting melting snow could result in potential major flooding in certain areas, particularly in communities situated along the coastline, although flood alerts are in effect for interior areas of Long Island as well. New precipitation amounts between a half and three-quarters of an inch possible.

Flood Watch for the entire area until 7 PM Saturday. That would break the record high for this date of 61 set in 1880. The record high for Bridgeport is 55 degrees, set a year ago in 2017.

There will be two chances for snow, the second one being more substantial than the first. This could lead to localized poor drainage flooding.

Most larger rivers should stay within their banks, however, some smaller rivers and streams may flood.

Wednesday looks cold with snow ending. There's even a chance it will get as warm as 63. "An additional 1" to 3" may accumulate on top of the glaze of ice.

On Tuesday it's a challenging forecast as we're going to have a wave of low pressure on an arctic boundary coming across the Midwest and to New England.

Temperatures will remain chilly Friday under increasingly cloudy skies. Portions of east central Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Accumulating snow is possible, especially across northwest Arkansas. The wind chill reading will be between minus 6 and 4.

SUNDAY: Sunny, with a high near 22. Winds will gust 40-to-50 miles per hour within some of the downpours over southeastern Mass. Sunday night will be very cold. On Monday night, expect clear skies with a low around minus 9. However, as the storm moves away to the north, we should see some partial clearing in the afternoon as a brisk northwesterly win develops. Partly sunny, with a high near 17.

The temperatures are finally above freezing, but the nasty weather is far from over. "Total precipitation was 2.41", which is 1.03" below normal.

Any standing water in the parking lots or on the roads early in the day will have turned to ice.

An AccuWeather projection shows a high of 24 with a low of zero for today, as snow tapers off with north-northwest winds gusting 19 miles per hour. Temperatures start the day near 50 degrees falling into the 20s, and teens north.

Brody was an incredible storm throughout the Northeast.