Sunday, 19 August, 2018

Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed

Google Duo now lets you call Android contacts without the app Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed
Theresa Hayes | 14 January, 2018, 15:19

The new update of the Duo that makes its video calling different from other apps promotes hassle-free connectivity between people, as goes its tagline - "Your closest friend, closer".

While the Allo was supposed to be the best messaging app even though they already had Hangouts which previously supported phone number integration, the company wanted it to be a standalone solution.

Obviously this won't work when making calls to iPhones, but it makes life a little easier for Google Duo users - you don't necessarily have to fret about whether your contacts have Duo installed before placing a call.

Hangouts may or may not be discontinued which we don't know at the moment.

Reports, however, say this ability to make Duo calls to even those who aren't using the app is now restricted to Android users. And yes, you can even decide to lose the audio portion of the call by muting the microphone. Google Pay aims to make it simpler for global users to pay for different services online. Well, this is done via a feature of Google Play services called App Preview Messaging, which launched alongside Allo back in 2016. It is said that this feature works the same way it does with regular Duo calls including Knock-Knock. Duo will now send video chats to those with Android phones who have yet to download the app on to their handset. The report says that the Duo-initiated audio and video calls are popping on some Android phones that don't have the app. If you look at the bottom of the screenshot below, you'll also notice a message at the bottom that allows you to block a caller from contacting you again.

This feature has now been spotted on Android phones. However, if the someone without Duo installed wants to make a call, then they'll have to install the app first. It's messaging app Allo is receiving a visual upgrade as well.