Sunday, 23 September, 2018

Florida mother mistakenly murdered in love triangle gone awry, report says

Florida mother mistakenly murdered in love triangle gone awry, report says Florida mother mistakenly murdered in love triangle gone awry, report says
Melinda Barton | 14 January, 2018, 16:23

Their alleged plan went wrong when the hired killers murdered the wrong woman, officials said. It was someone else.

Gloriamarie Quinnones Montes is facing a premeditated murder charge and Alex Ramos Rivera is looking at a first degree murder charge as well, authorities said.

Zengotita-Torres was allegedly tied and beaten unconscious before the suspects transported her in their vehicle to Volusia County.

However, by then, they had already abducted her, had forced her to turn over her ATM card and PIN number, and had withdrawn money from her account. Fox 35 Orlando reported that Torres was abducted while she was driving home from her office on 7 January.

'It was just a mistaken identity, ' Gibson said.

Zengotita-Torres was bound and suffocated with garbage bags, Gibson said. She died of suffocation.

The body of Janice Marie Zengotita-Torres was found in Ormond Beach Monday, Jan. 8 after she was reported missing.

The suspects then continued to use her ATM card.

She confessed and implicated Montes and Rivera, who were arrested at a hotel in Orange County.

Zengotita-Torres was an innocent victim of a truly heinous murder, according to Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson. That woman, who was never harmed, and Zengotita-Torres, who was married and the mother of a 14-year-old boy, were co-workers. He described it as one of the most freakish and heinous crimes he's investigated during his time in law enforcement.

Analysts trust they did in the end acknowledge they'd grabbed the wrong individual yet "proceeded with their arrangement of murder and tied the casualty with zip ties, and after that her head in channel tape and junk sacks", Gibson said. "This mother, this wife, this daughter - for no reason, at all", Gibson said.

She chose to contract Alexis Ramos-Rivera and his sweetheart, Glorianmarie Quinones Montes, to slaughter the lady, yet they confused Zengotita-Torres for their objective and stole her. Their criminal history was not immediately available.

Three suspects are in custody for the kidnapping and murder of a Florida woman in what authorities say was a murder-for-hire orchestrated by a jilted lover.

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