Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Fighter Pilot Makes Impressive Entrance to Announce She's Running for Senate

Fighter Pilot Makes Impressive Entrance to Announce She's Running for Senate Fighter Pilot Makes Impressive Entrance to Announce She's Running for Senate
Melinda Barton | 14 January, 2018, 14:17

McSally also cleverly adapts the ancient conservative injunction to RINOs to "grow a pair" by saying the GOP should "grow a pair of ovaries", presumably like hers. Martha McSally Shows Off Her Pilot Skills Her action-packed announcement video trades on numerous same themes she used in her House campaigns, stressing her status of the first American female to fly in combat, winning a fight to refuse to don Muslim garb while serving in the Middle East, and as a congresswoman working to protecting funding for the locally produced A-10 fighter jet.

Considering Arizona sits on America's southern border with Mexico, the election will undoubtedly be highlighted by candidate views on immigration from both sides of the political spectrum in a state that features one of the country's highest concentration of Hispanic populations.

"Like our president, I'm exhausted of PC politicians and their BS excuses", she said in the video.

"I'm a fighter pilot and I talk like one", she says.

"She opposed Donald Trump as a candidate and has undermined him as president, which is why leading conservatives are rejecting McSally and are lining up behind a true reformer in Dr. Kelli Ward".

She refused to endorse Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is among the Democratic candidates running to replace her. "It's a time of big and defining choices", McSally told the crowd after she'd safely landed.

McSally is expected to formally announce her campaign Friday morning in a tour across the state, but her campaign tipped its hand by releasing a video hours before. Kelli Ward, who was an early favorite of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. I also made this clear: we won't let the Dems hold our troops hostage in negotiations over DACA.

Fighter Pilot Makes Impressive Entrance to Announce She's Running for Senate

Ms. McSally, Arizona Republican, now represents Arizona's second congressional district, which stretches from Tucson to part of the U.S. -Mexico border.

McSally also co-sponsored an immigration plan released by House conservatives this week that would reduce legal immigration levels by 25 percent, block federal grants to sanctuary cities and restrict the number of relatives that immigrants already in the USA can bring here. The bill, which is unlikely to survive the GOP-controlled Senate, also provides temporary legal status for young immigrants enrolled in DACA.

Democrats see Arizona as a rare opportunity to pick up a Senate seat in 2018.

"I absolutely refused to bow down to sharia law", she says. "I guess there is a dispute as to what was actually said", she said. "After eight years of fighting, I won my battle for the religious freedom of American servicewomen".

And though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell - the epitome of the Republican establishment who is hated by some on the far right - has called her one of his top recruits this election cycle, McSally gives D.C. Republicans a rhetorical pounding in the video.

Democrats, meanwhile, are practically giddy about what they view as a race to the right in the Republican field that could make it hard for the primary victor to prevail in November.

The GOP primary victor will likely face off against Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the frontrunner in the Democratic primary.