Tuesday, 23 January, 2018

Duke alum and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens faces investigation into extramarital affiar

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Stacy Diaz | 14 January, 2018, 13:29

Admitting to an extramarital affair but denying anything more, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens appears to be digging in for a fight to preserve his political life as other public officials weigh whether to stand with or against the once rising Republican star. Floating behind the talk of criminal investigations and resignation is the woman at the center of scandal - the unnamed woman whose husband secretly recorded her confession in 2015, and then, three years later, provided that recording to various media outlets.

After KMOV aired the story Wednesday night, Greitens and his wife issued statements acknowledging the affair.

A few years ago, before Eric was elected Governor, there was a time when he was unfaithful in our marriage.

The New York Times reported upon Greiten's admission, which included his assessment of the affair as a "personal mistake". "Eric took responsibility, and we dealt with this together honestly and privately".

The former Navy SEAL who took office a year ago and has been thought to have presidential ambitions admitted Wednesday night - just hours after his State of the State address - to having an affair in 2015. He's not up for re-election until 2020.

Greitens' attorney denied each of those allegations.

As to whether Greitens will still attend the convention or speak, "that is a decision that he and his wife will have to make in the coming weeks as they figure out how best to move forward", Brooks said.

The allegations were made to KMOV-TV by the woman's ex-husband, who said Greitens took a photo of her during their sexual encounters and threatened to share them if she ever went public with news of their affair.

In the recording, KMOV-TV reported, the woman says that Greitens told her that if she were to speak about the encounter, he would distribute a photo of her.

An attorney for the woman's ex-husband says he has been interviewed multiple times by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "There is no worse person".

The woman added, "He stepped back, I saw a flash through the blindfold and he said: "you're never going to mention my name, otherwise there will be pictures of me everywhere".

On the tape, she said that he invited her downstairs at his home because he wanted to show her "how to do a proper pull-up".

"I made sure the governor knew that I understood the kind of pressure that men were under. that I've prayed for him and will continue to pray for him", Emery said.

Following the announcement of Gardner's intent to investigate the allegations, Bennett released another statement asserting his confidence the Governor will be cleared.

In response, Greitens' attorney stated that his client had a months-long consensual relationship (prior to his election as governor, although that doesn't matter) with the mistress but that "there was never any violence". A bipartisan group of state lawmakers asked the attorney general to investigate as well. Attorney General Josh Hawley's office said it would defer to local prosecutors, as required by state law. Several Democrats have called for Greitens to resign immediately. His campaign also received a $1.97 million donation through a nonprofit and a super PAC, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

She asked Greitens, whom she called by his first name, to "please consider all who are involved and the circumstances around us".

When sales started this morning, most people at the store hadn't even heard the latest on Gov. Greitens yet.

The policies of the Texas Education Agency drew federal scrutiny after a 2016 investigation by the Houston Chronicle, which revealed that many school districts delayed or denied services to special education students to meet an agency benchmark of capping their enrollment in the systems at 8.5 percent of the student population. Greitens was previously married, but divorced in 2003.