Sunday, 21 October, 2018

Boiling lobsters alive ruled an act of cruelty in Switzerland

1_11_lobster Boiling lobsters alive ruled an act of cruelty in Switzerland
Nellie Chapman | 14 January, 2018, 18:03

Given that lobster stunners are a rather expensive and niche product, that leaves local chefs the chore of having to find and stab out the brain before cooking, and surely there's then the chance that the lobster's only wounded with the first cut and it's going to end up suffering for longer than if it was just boiled?

Lobsters may not really scream when you boil them - they don't possess vocal cords - but research shows they can feel pain, and Switzerland's government made a decision to do something about the common culinary practice of boiling lobsters alive.

One of the most common alternatives to dispatching crustaceans in the pot is "numbing" them in the freezer before a quick death delivered with a knife.

Boiling lobsters has been outlawed in Switzerland.

The Swiss government has ordered a ban on the boiling of live lobsters as part of efforts to reform its animal welfare laws.The landmark legislation comes amid growing scientific evidence that invertebrates such as lobsters, crabs, and crayfish are capable of feeling pain.

Italy recently passed a similar law saying that restaurants are not allowed to keep live lobsters on ice before boiling them.

The Swiss have also cracked down on illegal puppy farms and devices that discipline dogs when they bark. Using this definition means crustaceans do feel pain.

"Crabs and lobsters deserve protection from being cooked alive", says Dr. John Birch, an assistant Philosophy professor at the London School of Economics.

"With the data we know, it is highly likely that the animal will be in pain", of Queens University, Belfast.

The move is a response to studies that suggest lobsters are sentient with advanced nervous systems that may feel pain.

But Robert Elwood said that this is probably a false assumption.

The group that is known for its active campaign to stop cruelty against animals also took a swipe at the US government for not enacting laws to protect crustaceans.