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The latest 'American Crime Story' takes on 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace'

Ryan Murphy The latest 'American Crime Story' takes on 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace'
Stacy Diaz | 13 January, 2018, 06:14

All we can say for sure is that the Versace family did not sign off on any of it.

Earlier this week they issued a statement via the fashion house to media outlets which said they did not "authorise [or have] any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV series" about Gianni Versace's assassination in 1997.

On Tuesday, Penélope Cruz joined Darren Criss, Edgar Ramirez, and Ricky Martin at the Hollywood premiere of Ryan Murphy's latest production, which focuses on the life and death of the late designer Gianni Versace. In the first half of the episode, listen to a discussion between Robinson, Lawson, and Katey Rich, deputy editor of, on Vulgar Favors, the Versace statement, and what to expect when the FX series launches next week.

Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis via Getty Images "American Crime Story" presents Donatella Versace, at right with her brother Gianni, as "a feminist hero", executive producer Ryan Murphy said.

Ryan Murphy also defended the FX series at the show's premiere, according to Harper's Bazaar, although he acknowledged that the Versace family was "in a really interesting, hard situation". Cruz informed press that Donatella said that if somebody was going to play her, she was happy that it was me. They were both very young when her designer brother was murdered. "As for them calling our work a 'work of fiction, ' I don't agree with that". This is based on Maureen Orth's book. "The company producing the series claims it is relying on a book by Maureen Orth, but the Orth book itself is full of gossip and speculation", Versace explained in the email proclamation.

"Now I just hope that all the love that I put into that performance - I do love her and all the people that work with her - and respect and admiration, all of that is there, I hope she will see that", the actress shares. Orth, who has worked for Vanity Fair since 1988, "never received any information from the Versace family" and instead presented "second-hand hearsay that is full of contradictions" to create a "lurid" and "sensational" story.

Following Monday's premiere, the Versace family released a statement confirming members had no input in the project. "This TV series should only be considered as a work of fiction", the family wrote.

"Gianni Versace was a fearless and honest man, who engaged in humanitarian work for the benefit of others", the statement reads.

With the series that follows the critically acclaimed The People V O.J. Simpson on the horizon, the Versace family have shown that they are in a less than celebratory mood.

The second season of Ryan Murphy's anthology series, which premieres January 17, examines the death of the famed Italian fashion designer - but his family wants viewers to know that the series "should only be considered a work of fiction", adding that much of the story has been sensationalized and is based on "second-hand hearsay".