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Salman Yusuff Khan: I'm enjoying choreographing Bigg Boss 11's finale acts

Gives 100% To The Task Salman Yusuff Khan: I'm enjoying choreographing Bigg Boss 11's finale acts
Stacy Diaz | 13 January, 2018, 08:21

Salman Khan's popular reality show Bigg Boss 11 is up for a grand finale on January 14th.

Later, the most shocking thing happened when Vikas tells Hina to destroy her mother's photo with her foot. Shilpa, scared of doing anything, pushes the buzzer, hence giving another 3 Lakhs to him.

Meanwhile, Puneesh Sharma comes to Shilpa and tells that Hina Khan makes so much noise while eating food.

Vikas agrees with Shilpa saying that he should have listened to her and have not brought in his family picture in a task, Puneesh tells Vikas that Hina would have done this anyway and he should not have brought the picture into the task.

Hina pretended to break the bracelet without actually being serious about it.

Later, Hina and Vikas argue with each other. She managed to come this far by performing each and every task with that never give up attitude.

Hina Is Strong

Hina dodged this attempt as well because she didn't stand on the pillow, but she didn't quit the task either. But she pretends as if she is trying hard to break it but can't do it. Vikas then goes a step ahead and asks Hina to step on his own family photo. Yes! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Will Hina Khan win the trophy?

However, this irks Puneesh who finds Vikas's way of making Hina step on his mother's picture outrageous. Hina thanks Puneesh for supporting her.

After Bigg Boss announced that this was the last task, the contestants became emotional since they have to leave the house soon. Though Hina won the task but she she ended up crying in a corner and feeling bad about things Vikas made her do. The first few weeks of season 11 were intense and wholly focused on Vikas and Shilpa's Tiff.

It seems the contestants are going to miss the house once they are out of it, but before that they will have to hold their nerves during the grand finale. Hina hums 'Yaad Aayenge Ye Pal', as she walks around the house. She cries and says she wishes that she wins this show.

The controversy surrounding Vikas and Shilpa is known to everyone. They do not feel it is their last day and that they spent their Diwali and New Year's here. Bigg Boss refrained from entering the mud slinging and Hina was declared as the victor.