Sunday, 21 January, 2018

Russian military eliminates militants who shelled Hmeymim airbase December 31

Home-Made Drones Bombed a Russian Airbase, Defense Ministry Says Drone swarm sign of future wars
Melinda Barton | 13 January, 2018, 07:39

The two presidents focused on developments in Syria, including a drone attack against Russia's military base.

Two Russian servicemen were reportedly killed in the first Syrian attack carried out by an infiltration squad that also damaged warplanes at Khmeimim Airbase.

"During the final stage of the operation a Russian Special Operations unit located the base camp of the militant saboteur group near the western border of Idlib province", the MoD said, according to RT.

The Russians released pictures showing what they recovered - attack drones partly made of wood and held together with masking tape.

Russian Federation said that the drones required sophisticated engineering and targeting help that originated outside of Syria.

Home-Made Drones Bombed a Russian Airbase, Defense Ministry Says

Drones displayed at a briefing in the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow, on January 11, 2018.

According to Novikov, creating this sort of weapon is impossible in home-made conditions. This can happen in other countries and not only against military targets. That's something Russian Federation and other governments are becoming very aware of.

Moscow has staunchly backed Syrian President Bashar Assad and Ankara has supported his foes, but they struck a deal past year to set up de-escalation zones. He added that Russian Federation knows who was or were behind the provocative attacks, however, didn't disclose the names but to add that it wasn't Turkey. Without naming any organizers of the attack, he said that the nation knows who the attackers are and how much they are paid for the attacks. "These were provocations aimed at thwarting earlier agreements", Putin said. In fact, it is quite obvious that there were elements of high-tech nature there.

The drone raid on Russian bases came just weeks after Putin declared a victory in Syria and ordered a partial withdrawal of Russian forces from the country.