Sunday, 23 September, 2018

No need to share Aadhaar ID for verification says UIDAI

No need to share Aadhaar ID for verification says UIDAI No need to share Aadhaar ID for verification says UIDAI
Theresa Hayes | 13 January, 2018, 05:42

"Virtual ID will be a temporary, revocable 16-digit random number mapped with the Aadhaar number".

The extension is "subject to compliance of activation conditions laid down by the UIDAI", said a source. However, the deadline for smaller companies to submit the application for the virtual ID system based authentication is March 1, just one- and-half-months from now, and experts say it's too soon.

Existing Aadhaar numbers can be replaced with corresponding UID token by doing demographic match using authentication API. Give it to an authentication agency, which will also link your fingerprints and iris scans.

To address the privacy concerns, UIDAI introduced a new concept of "Virtual ID". There were further news reports of police reports being filed against the reporters, which were denied by UIDAI and MeitY. "Happy that the @UIDAI has introduced virtual ID and limited KYC in the spirit of continuous innovation to enhance privacy and security".

On December 21, it allowed Airtel to use Aadhaar for re- verification of its mobile customers till January 10 with stiff riders. As the main privacy concern stemmed from the fact that it is mandatory for all citizens to link their Aadhar numbers to bank accounts, telephone connections, cooking gas subscriptions, vehicle registration & other day to day transactions, the government has introduced a system wherein an Aadhar holder can generate a temporary 16-digit Virtual Identification (VID) number that can be used for authentication in lieu of the actual Aadhar number.

What is Virtual ID or VID all about? Simultaneously, it has further regulated the storage of the Aadhaar number within various databases.

For any given Aadhaar number, there will only be one active VID at any given time and the UIDAI claims that it can't be used to ferret out an individual's 12-digit unique identification number. Pandey told ET that in case service providers resort to unscrupulous means of retrieving the Aadhaar number, they will be conducting a "criminal offence" and will be punished by the law.

Speaking at another event under the aegis of Delhi School of Economics, Prasad showed his Aadhaar card to the audience and said: "The (Aadhaar) system contains my finger print and iris kept in safe and secure encrypted form which can not be broken even by billions of efforts". Service providers are requested to make necessary changes in their systems, according to the UIDAI.

UIDAI has been under the scanner over the past few months over allegations of access of personal information by random entities without the consent of individual Aadhaar holders.

UIDAI will share updated API/technical documents, guidelines, and conduct workshops / training sessions for AUAs/KUAs to ensure smooth and timely implementation.

Following its suspension, Airtel Payments Bank had launched a probe, wherein it was observed that some retailers, who were also acting as designated banking points, had not informed customers about savings account opening and direct benefit transfer (DBT) receipts in an upfront manner.