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Voice assistant war between Amazon and Google rages on in CES 2018

Google’s advertising for its voice assistant is all over Las Vegas for CES Google’s advertising for its voice assistant is all over Las Vegas for CES
Theresa Hayes | 12 January, 2018, 18:31

Alexa has proved to be compatible with many smart devices and will be an easier way to connect your home than trying to hack together a solution with several different apps or assistants. Google Assistant is being introduced into Android Auto equipped vehicles including certain offerings from Ford, Holden, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru. Intelligent speakers, like Amazon's Echo and Google's Home, are "quickly becoming the core foundation of smart homes", he said.

For the moment, voice competitors to Amazon and Google remain largely in the wings.

The two companies - and to a lesser extent, Apple, with Siri, and Microsoft, with Cortana - are waging a fierce struggle to establish their assistants as de facto standards for a new generation of voice-controlled devices.

Even though a Google spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment, Google vice president of engineering Scott Huffman confirmed the company wants to spread Assistant to mobile devices, home gadgets, and cars to Bloomberg. According to Toyota, they will be fitting their future vehicle with Alexa this year but so far, they have not said anything about adding the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

At CES 2017, LG invited Amazon on stage at its press conference in order to showcase Alexa inside a variety of devices but this year, the honour of an appearance fell to Google. It allows users to do video calls with Google Duo, provides YouTube video access, and manages all connected devices in the home. The voice assistant will also enable a hands-free experience for playing music, podcasts, audiobooks, and managing smart home devices such as lights, thermostats, and home appliances. Companies starting with, and, all are preparing to integrate the Alexa voice assistant on their new notebooks and desktops. One way Google is reportedly looking to do that is by launching a revamped online store in February. But at least we know more about the LG WK9 Google Assistant touch screen speaker today than yesterday. The CES announcement about Toyota is just the latest sign of Alexa's growing reach. But its subtext is all about Google versus Amazon.

Some have wondered whether Microsoft's Cortana helper faces defeat now that Alexa is being added to PCs made by Acer, Asus and HP.

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