Thursday, 20 September, 2018

New coaches must fit McCarthy's vision for 2018 Packers

New coaches must fit McCarthy's vision for 2018 Packers New coaches must fit McCarthy's vision for 2018 Packers
Melissa Porter | 12 January, 2018, 20:53

The Green Bay Packers continued their purge of the coaching staff by firing two more assistants on Wednesday.

Meeting with the media Thursday to discuss the Packers' first playoff-free season since 2008 and the many staff changes that have followed, coach Mike McCarthy for the first time suggested his time in Green Bay might be limited.

Bennett had been Offensive Coordinator for three years, and finished his 13th season as a coach in the NFL. However, both sources said while Bennett could be let go completely, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility he could remain on staff in another capacity. But whoever replaces Thompson will have Mike McCarthy under contract through 2019, after Murphy said the coach was given a one-year extension during the season. But Aaron Rodgers' injury exposed a number of issues with the team, some of which aren't new problems, and McCarthy is making some bold moves.

This could possibly lead to a reunion with former Packers' quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo, who was sacked as the head coach of the New York Giants in December.

Striking the right balance will be up to the new GM and McCarthy together to get the Packers back into championship contention after the most disappointing season in Green Bay in almost a decade. Philbin was the offense line coach for the Colts last season. I love it here, I want to be here, but it has to fit for me, too. As of Thursday, when Murphy began to conduct interviews with in-house candidates, there had been no contact between the two sides.

"The most important thing is the communication and the connection between the GM and the head coach", McCarthy said.

Murphy is leading the search for a replacement for general manager Ted Thompson, who is moving to an advisory role with the team. Mark Murphy and I have talked numerous times about the Packer Way and I believe in it and the decisions that are made will be in the best interests of the Packers.

Wolf has spent the last 14 years with the Packers, but had ties to the organization before officially getting hired. It's possible the assistance identified Whaley as a candidate Murphy should pursue. But before we get to the latest news, here's a quick recap. "These are hard personal decisions and we hope for the best for their families moving forward".