Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Netflix Shares Trailer & Key Art for ALTERED CARBON

Netflix Shares Trailer & Key Art for ALTERED CARBON Netflix Shares Trailer & Key Art for ALTERED CARBON
Stacy Diaz | 12 January, 2018, 16:36

Based on the 2002 sci-fi novel of the same name by British author Richard K. Morgan, "Altered Carbon" tells the story of a gangster turned super soldier named Takeshi Kovacs. In this future, human consciousness can be uploaded into computers and transferred into new bodies, which comes in handy when you need someone to solve your own murder and the best man for the job has been dead for 250 years.

The latest trailer for Netflix's new sci-fi offering Altered Carbon gives away new information about the series so that you can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Set to premiere on February 2, the series takes place in the future, and its primarily backed by the concept that a human's conscious can be transferred from body-to-body, belittling the human figure to that of a snake skin, something that can be shed at will, but only if one can afford the transplant procedure. He's a highly trained warrior brought back to solve the murder of Laurens Bancroft (played by The Following's James Purefoy)... and he's hired by Bancroft, who has neatly installed his mind, memories and such into another sleeve.

Renee Elise Goodman, from The Good Wife, and Dichen Lachman, from US Shameless, also feature alongside Mexican actress Martha Higareda.

What did you think about the new trailer for Altered Carbon?

The similarities to "Blade Runner 2049" are hard to miss.

The impressive trailer for Altered Carbon dropped yesterday and sets the tone for the tech noir series.

The opening lines of the trailer declare: "Your body is not who you are".

Altered Carbon debuts exclusively on Netflix February 2nd, 2018.