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Indian Man Loses US Citizenship, Becomes First Case of Denaturalization Under Trump

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Melinda Barton | 12 January, 2018, 19:06

In 2016, the Homeland Security Department's inspector general reported that the US government had mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 foreign nationals who were ordered deported and later used different names and birthdates to apply for citizenship.

"The Justice Department will continue to use every tool to protect the integrity of our nation's immigration system, including the use of civil denaturalization", Readler added.

Efforts to reach Singh for comment were not immediately successful.

The action against Singh was filed contemporaneously with two other Operation Janus cases, as announced by the Justice Department on September 19, 2017.

The Justice Department said that this was the first denaturalization under Operation Janus, a long-running Department of Homeland Security initiative against fraudulent immigration and the government did file a complaint against Singh last September.

A Department of Homeland Security initiative, Operation Janus, identified about 315,000 cases where some fingerprint data was missing from the centralized digital fingerprint repository. Some people involved in those cases may have sought to get around criminal records or background checks during the naturalization process, the Justice Department said. That application was abandoned after he married a USA citizen, who filed a visa petition on his behalf. Operation Janus was launched in 2010. Through a Punjabi interpreter, he gave his name as Davinder Singh, according to court papers. "This opened the possibility of him being subject to removal proceedings". He was under exclusion proceedings and did not turn up for his immigration court hearing following which he was ordered to be deported the next year, 1992.

Meanwhile, the next month, Singh allegedly filed a request for asylum under a different name - Baljinder Singh.

Under U.S. law, naturalization can be revoked only if it was obtained fraudulently.

Four weeks later, on February 6, 1992, he filed an asylum application under the name Baljinder Singh.

Singh was granted citizenship and naturalized under the name Baljinder Singh on July 28, 2006, according to the Justice Department and court filings. Singh has been residing in Carteret, New Jersey. Singh's is one of an estimated 1,600 cases that have been or will be referred for prosecution, authorities said.

The report concluded that the fingerprints were a match and belonged to the same person, a finding whose scientific credibility Singh did not challenge, according to the judge's ruling.

Baljinder Singh alias Davinder Singh, 43, who married a USA citizen, has now been reverted to the Green Card status which leaves him potentially subject to removal proceedings at the Department of Homeland Security's discretion, the Justice Department said.

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