Saturday, 20 January, 2018

Hoda Kotb Replacing Matt Lauer as 'Today' Co-Anchor

Hoda Kotb's New Today Salary Might Shock You — & Not in a Good Way Here's How Hoda Kotb's 'Today' Show Salary Compares to Matt Lauer's
Stacy Diaz | 12 January, 2018, 20:27

Speaking of Kotb alone, she landed $18 million short of what her predecessor made.

Kotb replaced Lauer on an interim basis after his firing, and said she had received a text from the disgraced host since announcing her permanent position. It's a big gap between the $25 million per year salary Lauer earned in the same position over his 25 years at NBC.

One former NBC employee alleged he asked her back to his office, where he pressed a button and locked the door, a function, it's been claimed, many exec offices have. The announcement was made by Andy Lack, Chairman, NBC News Group.

While the optics of the financial arrangement have spurred a very worthwhile and necessary discussion about compensation parity among men and women in the media business, the simple fact is that Kotb is being treated much like nearly any other anchor or host who takes over a coveted and long-held post on a venerable TV program. Both women are certainly qualified: Guthrie has worked at NBC since 2007, and Kotb has been with the network since 1998.

Kotb was born in Norman, Oklahoma, and grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia, and as well as suburban Washington (Alexandria, Virginia) She lived in New Orleans throughout the 1990s.

In addition to her slot co-anchoring the fourth hour of the show with Kathie Lee Gifford, Kotb now co-anchors the first hour with Savannah Guthrie.

Now that Hoda Kotb has officially been named Today's newest co-anchor, many fans have been wondering - how much is Hoda's TV salary? So no, I am not making Matt Lauer money. "Not even close", Kotb told People according to a story posted Wednesday. Like, I did not want that to be the happy day.

"There's no one I'd rather be sitting next to in 2018 than you", Kotb said, reaching out and briefly clasping hands with Guthrie.

Kotb had already been filling in for Matt Lauer - whose firing for alleged sexual misconduct abruptly ended a 20-year tenure - alongside co-host Savannah Guthrie, and the pairing has been a ratings hit, the magazine reported.

Kotb had had a long career with NBC News.

In addition to Today, she has also served as co-host of NBC's coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting. Women contributors were called "Today Girls" in the early years. I wanted to feel good throughout. Though Hoda was just given the coveted co-anchor job on Tuesday, Jan. 2, she's been with the network for almost 10 years since joining in 2008.